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The predominant shunting park in Bulgaria consists of obsolete Romanian and German locomotives. Although much of the repair part of our plant is specialized in their maintenance, we can see the end of the 52 and 55 series locomotives. They have morally outdated technical concepts from the beginning of the last century, and everybody says that the quality of the locomotives built in Romania is a compromise. Supply of spare parts is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, as we are forced to supply parts from India and China.

That is why, taking into account the energy and environmental footprint of the old locomotives, we have been developing new solutions for industrial maneuvers for 20 years. We develop our activity in three directions - production of new diesel shunting locomotives, production of new battery-operated locomotives and modernization of the 52 and 55 series locomotives.

In terms of the all-new diesel locomotives, our MDD4 and MDD5 models are a replacement for the well-known in our country 52 and 55 series. At the same time, we also offer different scope upgrades of existing locomotives, installation of screw compressors, complete remotorization and more. Particularly interesting is the option of replacing the outdated 52 Series locomotive diesel engine.

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