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Narrow gauge locomotive modernization


We launch modernization of narrow-gauge diesel locomotive series 77.

Following public procurement procedure Express Service OOD and BDZ (national passenger carrier) signed a contract for overhaul and modernization of 2pcs. of diesel-hydraulic narrow-gauge passenger locos. We will replace old Maybach diesel engine with CAT C32 Stage V, we will build entirely new cabins and command desks, replace old compressor, build entirely new electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic installations.

Locomotives to be modernized are 760mm gauge ones, 4-axles, and have power of 830kW. They are important part of BDZ narrow-gauge fleet and operate on Bulgaria’s only narrow railway in Rhodopes mountains. This 760mm railway passes through picturesque mountainous region and attracts thousand of domestic and international tourists.

Locomotives of BDZ series 77 are built in Romania in 1980s and nowadays their maintenance turns to be impossible due to the lack of spare parts and outdated technical concepts. That is why BDZ asked us to offer modernization and we draught a competitive proposal. This modernization is a challenge to us because we are going to integrate some complex technical state of the art solutions.

Our locomotive factory already has the experience with modernizing diesel-hydraulic locomotives. In 2019 we performed a full-scale modernization of V60 shunting locomotive. After we completely rebuilt it – now this is one of the most efficient and clean shunters in Europe.

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