At Express Service our vision is to create a better traction experience for everybody who needs railway locomotives. We are totally committed to the success of our customers, our employees and thus to the success of our own company.

We believe that we could significantly contribute to the success of our customers and to the general welfare of the railway business. We aim to do this in two ways – building new high quality and economic shunting locomotives and repairing and maintaining the locomotives of our customers.

Our top priority is continuous improvement. The quality of our locomotives and services, environmental conditions at our factory, work environment, and our processes efficiency need to be constantly reviewed and improved. Thanks to our customers, to their knowledge and experience, their cooperation, we target our industry good practices and best standards. We listen to both our customers and experienced employees to create better locomotives and to perform better repairs.

We practice an open doors policy – customers, railway professionals, locomotive enthusiasts and just everyone else is warmly welcome to our factory in Ruse. We love railways and we have been sharing this passion for the last 150 years. So we are happy when somebody is interested in our factory or just wants to take a photo of our new locomotives here.

We welcome customers to audit our factory and processes - sometimes the first step to long-term partnership. Thus, we are happy to present some of our certificates first – the first proof of our quality commitment:


  ISO 9001:2015  

  ISO 14001:2015  

  EN 15085 - CL1  

  ECM Locomotives  

  Locomotive Repairs  

  Railway Transport  

  Safety Certificate A&B  

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