Battery Locomotives

Express Service manufactures battery-powered shunters since 2005. We meet the needs of most industrial shunting operations - low speed, safe, silent and emissions-free work environment.

Battery locomotives have numerous advantages like highly reduced maintenance cost, clean work, ease of operation, possible automation. Total cost of ownership is very low compared to diesel shunters due to lower initial price and affordable components.

We build 2 types of lower-voltage battery-electric rail locomotives and are developing two other types of high-voltage shunting locomotives with greater power.


Battery shunters are better solution for slower and repetitive duties where there is a lot of idling time. Such are industrial applications of loading/discharging wagons, weight bridges, washing plants, UWL operations. Battery technology is a must for rail depots, wagons factories and for any indoor operation.

All our battery locomotives are driven by synchronized AC motors and are powered by high capacity batteries. Our vehicles have built-in high-frequency chargers and are equipped with radio remote controls and comfortable cabins. ES battery shunters could be modified to 1520mm track gauge.

If your application requires greater power or higher speed, please consider our diesel shunting locomotives.



ES1000 and ES3000

ES1000 and ES3000 are our best-selling models. They have nominal shunting capacity of 1000 and 3000 tons. They perform best on the tracks of every industrial site. We have installations of ES1000 and ES3000 battery shunters in railway stations, ports, metallurgical and chemical factories, rolling stock depots.



Our battery shunters are compact, solid and heavy, having a very rigid steel frame. They are driven by synchronized traction AC motors coupled to high-transmission ratio axle gearboxes. Thus, very high tractive effort is achieved given the low service speeds. ES3000 shunter has more than 150kN starting tractive effort. ES locomotives top speed is programmable and varies within 5-15km/h range. Locomotives’ own weight is up to 48 tons which ensures all-seasons duty and allows starting very heavy trainsets.

ES shunters stop coupled trains via regeneration (reverse motor current) and fill up batteries. This contributes to their excellent energy efficiency at duties requiring frequent start-stop operations or involving great idling time.



ES battery locomotives could have an optional pneumatic train braking system powered by screw compressor. Other possible options feature sanding installation, automatic coupler heads adjustable in height, standard UIC buffers.




High voltage battery locomotives

We are developing prototypes of higher voltage shunters based on our successful diesel models MDD4 and MDD5. These locomotives would be able to run at greater speeds and will have more comfortable cabins and more TSI features.
We are searching for partners / investors in our prototype models. We see great potential in a battery locomotive based on our successful MDD5 model.


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