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Solar power plant on the roof of our plant in Ruse


In the last sunny days of the year, we would like to brag about our new investment - a solar power plant on the roof of our plant in Ruse.

The idea of ​​producing electricity from the Sun is closely related to our overall concept of green and clean railway shunting, for cleaner and greener transportation. As a leading European locomotive plant, we are aware of our responsibility to a better, more sustainable and green industry, with a better microclimate for people.

Renewable electricity production is a complement to our concept of using battery powered locomotives in railway shunting. Our locomotives are increasingly entering the industry, and we are contributing to their "fuel" being renewable, sparing the planet and all people.

Our small (so far) solar power plant has a capacity of only 30kV, but that is enough a fully green charging of 2 x ES1000 locomotives. At the moment, we can say that the railway shunting in our plant is completely environmentally friendly, without any emissions and with electricity from the Sun.

In 2020 we plan to begin issuing our own green certificates to industrial customers using our battery locomotives. The system will work as follows: for each locomotive purchased with a green certificate from our plant (an option to the locomotive), we will install a specific solar power plant. The installed capacity will be sufficient to guarantee that the locomotive will consume electricity, the equivalent amount of which is produced at our plant in Ruse.

This system of green certificates is a worldwide novelty in railway transport. The concept will allow our industrial customers to be confident and proud that their railway shunting is completely environmentally friendly, without any imprint on the planet. This is the right path for any responsible and sustainable industry!

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