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Our new model ES3000


We are proud to introduce our new model of battery-operated shunting locomotive ES3000. Based on our successful ES600 and ES1000 models, we designed and built this three-axle vehicle.

The locomotive is suitable for medium and heavy shunting in industrial yards, ports, stations.

Thanks to the three-axle formula, we have increased the weight to 48 tons and the vehicle is already able to handle the heaviest cargo compositions. The screw compressor provides a flow rate of over 3000 l / min and we achieve the best train supply speed among the shunting locomotives.

The environmental benefits are undeniable - we are creating a much cleaner and safer railway shunting environment. Operating costs are minimal - a full battery charge costs only 15 EUR. There are no other operating costs.

We are one of the pioneers in battery locomotives and we are the European leader in slower battery locomotives. We believe that this technology is suitable for railway shunting and will continue to develop similar products.

Congratulations to our entire team for the great work!

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