Express Service OOD
DZS, Ruse 7011, Bulgaria
N43°47’38’’  E26°01’47’’

tel. +359 88 7412838

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Express Service


How to reach us

Express Service is located in Ruse – major transportation hub on the Danube River. Our facilities are located just outside town on Ruse-Varna railway.


By plane:
Nearest international airports are Sofia, Bucharest and Varna. Travel by car from these airports takes respectively three, one, and two hours.


By car:
Travelling from Sofia (E85) – in Ruse set direction to Varna (E70) and turn left 3km after town’s limit. Travelling from Varna (E70) – turn right 3km before entering Ruse; Travelling from Bucharest (crossing border at Danube Bridge) set direction to Varna (E70) and turn left 4km after town’s limit.

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