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MDD 4 with 1st Swiss customer


Ultra Brag AG – a Basel based port operator has ordered its first MDD 4 shunting locomotive. It is going to serve company’s river port in Basel. Ultra Brag has requested some changes to the standard MDD 4 model – most notable of which are meeting Tier 4 final exhaust emissions and integrating a remote control. This locomotive is going to be amongst the clean-emission leaders in Europe.

Together with our partners from Eisenbahndienstleister GmbH we are working for a Swiss homologation of the series. If successful – this would open a market potential for MDD 4 in Switzerland.

With this order and its implementation we want to prove that MDD 4 locomotives are an excellent solution for shunting tasks at ports – where customers have heavily loaded trains and, almost no slopes, and low speed service is required.

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