Locomotive Repairs

The first railroad in Bulgaria from Ruse to Varna was steamed from our hometown 150 years ago. Although not on its original place, our factory is still located on this historic railway line.

Year by year we have gained the expertise to repair steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Nowadays we operate a modern locomotive care facility equipped will everything neccessary for even most complex repairs of diesel and electric locomotives.

We are specialized in repairs of the locomotives run by Bulgaria‘s 16 railway operators. These are various types of diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric shunters and different types of 4- and 6-axles electric mainline locomotives.

In our factory we have unique for Bulgaria equipment such as big crankshaft grinding machine, the strongest hydraulic press in Bulgaria, CNC lathes, and special equipment for repairs of locomotives undercarriage. We keep the most important components and assemblies on stock in order to minimize locomotives‘ downtime.


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