Diesel Locomotives

Express Service manufactures diesel locomotives since 2002. Our B and BB diesel-hydraulic shunters offer great start tractive effort and very smooth engine to wheels torque transmission.

We build 3 series of diesel shunters covering the power range required in most industrial applications. Our models vary from 300 to 960kW and have top speed range of just 15 to 80km/h.



All MDD shunters are simple, robust and easy for service and maintenance. Originating as a locomotive service company we prefer to simplify our new locomotives. Express Service new diesel locomotives are robust, reliable and have the lowest total cost of ownership on the European market. MDD locomotives could be modified to 1520mm track gauge.

If your application allows slower shunting works or is emissions sensitive, please consider our battery-powered shunting vehicles.




the reliable yet budget solution

Two-axle twin engine shunting locomotive that has its both driven axles powered by a separate powertrain. Combining two equivalent 150kW powertrains allows MDD 3 to be 100% reliable and energy efficient. This locomotive series in not TSI certified and we are flexible in customizing vehicle parameters according specific customer needs.

Customers could choose top speeds as low as 15km/h thus having a great traction despite the small power of the engines. At 60km/h the same locomotive is perfect for rescue, maintenance or special trains. The other important parameter to choose is the own weight of the locomotive. With 12 to 18 tons/axle load MDD 3 covers most industrial applications.






workhorse for any application

This is our stronger 2-axle locomotive. With its 403kW it has the optimal power-to-weight ratio. MDD 4 is suitable for heavy-duty applications in industrial sidings, railway stations, ports, terminals. This locomotive is able to shunt even heavy trains at low service speed. High start tractive effort of 135kN is due to the specially chosen power transmission components.

Stage IV Final exhaust emissions are standard feature and remote control installation is an option.  Locomotive top speed is 60km/h and may be electronically limited down to 30km/h if such regulations apply. MDD 4 locomotives meet TSI requirements and are homologized in several European countries.






universal BB diesel locomotive

MDD 5 is our new development that is based on the success of both MDD 3 and MDD 4 locomotive series. This 4-axle locomotive, still (as per mid 2016) under prototype construction, is going to be the future common solution to any heavy shunting or light train service task.

MDD 5 is equipped with twin engine powertrain system delivering 960kW. Based on our experience with MDD 3 technology, we find this especially appropriate for heavy industrial operations. Meeting TSI norms this locomotive would be welcomed to every European country. It is a versatile solution to various railroad tasks.

Although major locomotive parameters are already clear, we welcome our first MDD 5 customer to set the final details.



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