Battery Locomotives

Express Service manufactures battery-powered shunters since 2005. We meet the needs of most industrial shunting operations - low speed, requiring silent and emissions-free locomotives.

Unlike diesel shunters, battery locomotives are slower and perform better only on level tracks due to the relatively small power. On the other hand – they have numerous advantages – lower price, lower running expence, almost no maintenance, silent operation with no emissions, and easier operation.

We build 2 types of battery-electric rail vehicles and 2 types of road-rail vehicles.



Battery shunters are better solution for slower and repetitive tasks where there is a lot of idling time. Such are industrial applications of loading/discharging wagons, weight bridges, washing plants. Battery technology is absolute requirement for rail depots, wagons factories and at any indoor operation.

All our battery locomotives are driven by at least two AC motors and are powered by high capacity batteries. Our vehicles have built-in chargers and are equipped with remote controls and comfortable cabins. ES and TSV battery shunters could be modified to 1520mm track gauge.

If your application requires greater power or higher speed, please consider our diesel shunting locomotives.




Shunting mule à la mode

Two-axle battery locomotive that is the right solution to any in-yard shunting task.

ES600 is driven by 2x14kW AC motors and offers great traction force. Nominal shunting duty is 600 tons but vehicle could handle up to 1000 tons on flat terrain. Usual work speed is between 3 and 7km/h. Speed is infinitely adjustable and there are two speed ranges. Our battery shunters have real locomotive transmission system and axle gearboxes. This contributes to their durability and low maintenance intervals.

Standard features in ES600 are: comfortable cabin, 1000Ah battery, built-in charger, radio remote control and adjustable in height coupling adaptor. Possible options: buffers, air compressor, limit switch system, and others. Vehicle dimensions are compact and designed for easy road transportation.

ES600 vehicles are proven in industrial sidings, underfloor wheel lathes operation, loading and unloading tasks, LPG and other rail terminals.






Тhe strong battery locomotive

This is our stronger battery rail shunter. It is driven by 2x30kW AC motors and could handle bigger loads at greater speed. ES1000 is the most powerful 2-axle battery locomotive on the market. Its nominal shunting duty is 1000 tons but it could well handle trains of up to 2000 tons on level tracks.

Featuring the design and the principal solutions of ES600, this model has numerous advantages (alongside bigger power and weight) – pneumatic brake system, strong air compressor, sanding, and all this powered by a stronger battery.

This is the safe, emissions-free, and affordable solution for applications where battery-locomotives are preferred.





Road/rail shunters

Off-rail power

Road-rail technology has been outside our product line for years. The reason was that we were finding this a compromise with the real locomotive technology. However, market demand and our customers changed that and we designed our TSV series of two-way vehicles. Shunting capacity offered is up to 1000 tons.

In TSV series we are trying to keep as much as possible in line with locomotive technology and not rely so heavy on solutions from the auto industry. TSV shunters are fit with two driving AC motors and a strong lead-acid battery. There is always a spacious and comfortable cabin and a built-in charger.

TSV lays on extremely durable solid tires and are guided by two small wheelsets on rail. Speed range is greater in comparison to the ES battery shunters and is adjustable up to 15km/h. TSV vehicles feature hydraulic steering and brakes units, blinkers, and all other road vehicle requirements.



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